As a modern, evolving company, we are committed to offering ethical solutions which have sustainability at its heart. 

We are acutely conscious of the responsibilities that we must uphold to our clients as an essential part of your supply chain. Our values do not just appear on our walls or website – they run through the core of our company and at individual team member level.

We are committed to providing all our clients with the best value and quality. Our expertise and knowledge help us find the best solution to solve your challenge or project need. We supply top of the range tooling equipment from leading brands globally, backing this up with technical support direct from manufacturer.

For us commitment means our commitment to our customers. We are unwavering in this. We provide our customers with a service that puts their needs first. We know how important it is to have a full service that supports you on all aspects of the job. We work as an extension of your business whether that’s providing a specific tool or working to solve a core challenge on a long-term project.

Our customers are more than just clients – they are our partners. Our customer commitment naturally leads us to be a collaborative supplier and solution provider. Having worked from the same side of the fence as you in the industry, our directors know first-hand the solutions you need and use this expertise to collaborate with your business to find bespoke solutions.

Supplying the solutions that support health and safety and production see our customers place a strong level of trust in our advice. Integrity underpins the expertise we offer and the solution proposals we make to our customers. We work to create the right solution that suits our customers’ needs, budget and timeframes.

Ethically Conscious
We are committed to ensuring an ethical supply chain is in place throughout our business and that none of our suppliers are using forced work practices or modern slavery. All our solutions are supplied with sustainability at their core. As a company, Indust-Solution Services are committed to being an equal opportunities employer, this means that we never discriminate based on ethnicity, sexual choices or religious beliefs. We are a strong team who respect each other and an employer who believes in supporting mental health in, and outside, of the workplace.