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Dry Ice Cleaning

What is dry ice cleaning?

Ice Revolution dry ice cleaning from Indust-Solution Services is a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to older style pressure and abrasive blasting. The 100% recycled media dry ice pellets are rapidly propelled at supersonic speeds using a compressed air gun.

The impact of the dry ice pellets on a dirty or corroded surface creates an intense thermal shock on the  surface. This shock is what breaks up the bond between the surface of the machine or object being cleaned and the dirt or grime buildup.

Dry ice blasting is more effective than older abrasive blasting methods since the materials used to remove the dirt evaporate on impact, reducing any negative effects it has on the environment.  Dry ice cleaning is not only more environmentally friendly than sand or shot blasting, but is more cost effective and far safer to be used in a live environment.

Indust-Solution Services can provide you with the expertise and service that you need with Ice Revolution. We are able to help you clean, revitalise and overhaul essential plant at very competitive price.

Benefits for industry

Quite simply, traditional methods of industrial cleaning usually require a significant amount of time, effort and company investment.

Modern health and safety practice means that older methods of cleaning now need comprehensive review, documentation and preparation before they can even be started, turning essential preventative maintenance into a costly exercise that generally leads to significant outage. By turning to Ice Revolution, your health & safety requirements are cut to a minimum because it is a safe, non-obtrusive method of cleaning with a low risk to anyone in the vicinity, even in the immediate operating area because our responsibly trained employees work with a no-risk practice.


• Will not scratch, etch or damage most metal surfaces
• Safe cleaning glass and delicate production environments
• Can even be used to restore damaged books or antiques


• Dry Ice cleaning is faster than all traditional methods
• Clean equipment online, whilst hot & even in production
• Less down time = more run time = more cost efficient


• No gas, chemicals or  materials that damage the ozone
• Our dry ice pellets are made from 100% recycled materials
• Only natural waste is produced with no after contaminants


• Cleans in tight spaces with total precision & control
• Does not leave any marks or residue, only natural waste
• Surfaces are instantly ready to paint, no preparation

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