About Our Company
Indust-Solution Services was formed by our two directors merging their existing successful businesses, Indust-Rail and Ritetorc Ltd. This has brought together over 50 years of experience in many sectors including – Military, Industrial, Automotive, Rail, Energy and Petro Chem.

As a modern evolving company, working across a range of diverse industries, we are acutely conscious of the responsibilities that we must uphold to our clients as an essential part of their supply chain.

Indust-Solution Services are committed to being an equal opportunties employer, this means that we absolutely never discriminate based on ethnicity, sexual choices or religious beliefs. We are a strong team who respect each other and an employer who believes in supporting mental health in, and outside, of the workplace.

We are committed to ensuring an ethical supply chain is in place throughout our business and that none of our suppliers are using forced work practices or modern slavery, vital assurance for our clients and a sign of our integrity.